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Search Engine Terms leading to my blog

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Today it passed through my mind about getting back to blogging but I didn’t have anything in mind and what subject to blog about. So I logged in this blog just to check the stats and to my surprise; after 1.5 years of not using it, it’s still getting visits.

Above is the screen shot of the terms that have lead to this blog from the first day I started. As one can see, anything related to scandals, sexy girls, or beauty pageants are pouring in visitors. Then comes the controversial predictions done by some idiots during the new years eve on Lebanese channels.

And now for my decision. I’m still confused if I should restart blogging and if yes, what should I blog about? Blogging about scandals will get me easy visits with no advertising needed from my end but I’m no more interested about such stuff.
I have another subject in mind which is what I passed through last year and still in it now but I guess I will have to wait for the issue to end so that I start blogging about that subject.

Till then, I try updating this blog with whatever comes to my mind.

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Is Nasrallah calling for blind support to Turkey?

تركيا ستتعرض لضغط كبير وعلينا مساندتها

Sayyed Nasrallah mentioned that Turkey will undergo pressure to stop their criticism and go back to their ally, Israel. He also asked his supporters to back Turkey when any pressure takes place.

Is he asking for blind support to Turkey even for the inhuman acts done by Turkey?

Here are some issues that he should consider before making such statement:
– 10,000 political prisoners in Turkish jails
– Kurdish Repression in Turkey
– Children as political prisoners (2008 Human Rights Report: Turkey)
– Just like Israel is carrying a blockage on Gaza, in 1993 Turkey joined the illegal blockade against Armenia in support of Azerbaijan
– Occupying and colonizing the northern half of the Republic of Cyprus, a sovereign country, member of the UN and the EU.
– Imprisonment and assassination of journalists (and their lawyer).

and the list continues…

Even though I have full respect to Sayyed Nasrallah, I can’t accept such request coming out from his mouth.

We supported and condemned what happened to the Flotilla because it’s humanitarian issue without looking into the political gains that the criminal nation of Turkey will be getting from the issue so let’s put politics aside and be humanitarians for once.

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Aftermath of the AUB protest

Students protesting against tuition fee increase

On Wednesday, over a 1000 students protested outside the American University of Beirut (AUB) against the proposed changes in tuition fees that are due to be implemented next year.

The protest and class boycott continued on Thursday and later on Friday, an agreement was reached.

The protest was organized by the USFC and the students club but it seems that the agreement that  happened between the USFC and the administration was not approved by the whole organizers. Many students are criticizing this move by the USFC on the official page of the protest on facebook.

Here’s the explanation provided by the members:

– The 15 credit policy was a proposal where student were protesting against. USFC’s move gave it the student blessing to be implemented in 2011-12 (although most, if not all, the current USFC members would graduate till 2011-12)

– “assuring restructuring the financial aid system”? this statement is inaccurate. the president’s reply today was as follows:
“An external consulting company (more expenses and room for possible corruption) to STUDY the financial aid system at AUB and PROPOSE reform measures of the current system.”. What if they find that the existing structure is good?
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إعلانات مبوبة

The guards during their shift - LF Special

نقدم لكم خدمة “النوطرة بلاس” الجديدة كلياً

فريقنا مؤلف من أربع خبراء محلفين في تكنولوجيا الحراسة ومجهزين بقاذفتا “آر بي جي”، رشاش متوسط من عيار ١٢٫٧ ملم مع قاعدته، بنادق أميركية الصنع، ثلاث كاميرات مراقبة، منظار واحد وحمار قبرصي

الفريق متخصص بحراسة الممتلكات الخاصة والبساتين والشرف والعفة وكل ما تطاله صواريخ ال- “آر بي جيه” وصواريخ الأرض-جو المجهزين بها

مع خدمة “نوطرة بلاس”، لن يجرؤ “إبن مرا” على الإقتراب من ممتلكاتم الخاصة

“نوطرة بلاس”: حراسة، تحشيش، مجازر

عرض خاص: تسجلوا اليوم بخدمة “النوطرة بلاس” واحصلوا على طن كامل من نبتة الحشيش مجاناً

لمزيد من المعلومات، الرجاء الإتصال “بأبو جنزير” شخصياً وإبراز كلمة السر: العمى بعيون ارغش!

توصيل مجاني للمنازل
لا تسرعوا، الكمية ليست محدودة، خلافاً لعقولكم

source: http://www.hummusnation.net/?p=4433

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Almaza New Advertisement

This can’t be funnier!

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