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Miss Lebanon 2008 – Scandal

Rosarita Tawil became the new Miss Lebanon on Friday but Lebanese people seem to be too much interested in finding scandals about our newly crowned beauty.

Here is another picture of Rosarita Tawil:

and here comes the interesting part… check her bikini and half naked pictures!!!

Can this be her?

Special thanks to LebSpy.com

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  2. ohmy god ches wonderful girl che deserveto be miss lebanon

    Comment by micho | July 14, 2008

  3. well, she has a nice body, but shes not classy enough to be miss lebanon!!!! what will the world think of lebanese girls?

    Comment by haifa | July 16, 2008

  4. This is who represents Lebanon? Lebanese women deserve more than cheezy myspace and facebook pictures go to any AUB campus and find a REAL libanese women for MISS LEBANON 2009

    Comment by Serena | July 16, 2008

  5. hmm! the so-called intelligent miss lebanon should have been smart enough and thought beforehand before scandalizing herself ma heik? honor’s list is not enough to make u smart honey! neither are naturally puffed lips, good for u! and it is her that’s true, i’ve seen her, those pics have been too famous for a while now! well, let’s see what our representative has to say abt all of this, would u plz step forward “miss lebanon?”

    Comment by Rita | July 16, 2008

  6. Rita, Our Miss Lebanon already replied to LebSpy.com website.
    The message started like this: “i am going crazy those are not my pics…”
    check the rest from LebSpy, click here!

    Comment by Sako | July 16, 2008

  7. shes lying. anyone can see its her! those pics dont look photoshopped or nothing. shi bi jarris! she has the same body and the same look on her face as usual. its her!

    Comment by haifa | July 17, 2008

  8. of course thats her, wake up!

    Comment by gaell | July 17, 2008

  9. chill girls, even if it was her, I’m sure you have done much worse things than this, everyone does mistakes in his life & she is young still, so relax & mind your shitty business instead of hurting others with your silly stupid idiotic comments. Give her a break, it ain’t the end of the world afterall.

    Comment by Nisrine | July 17, 2008

  10. ohhhhhhhhhh prkoi ta fé ça rosarita chui vrm déçu de voir ses tof la

    Comment by zakia | July 17, 2008

  11. Hey Guys, I live in Dubai and I was watching the beauty contest with a friends from different nationalities and they were stunned by rosarita’s beauty. These pics mean nothing and allll the girls even whom are blaming her did worst pics and they are hiding them in their drowers. Pls we are in the 21st century so stop bullshitting… she’s Miss Lebanon and will be really remarked in The internationnal contests and if the world comunity know about your behavior concerning these pics they will laugh on us and they will keep considering us more and more as ignorents.

    Comment by Nader | July 18, 2008

  12. hey guys stop it these pics are nothing all girls have this kind of stuff come on dont make urself ANGELS.girls specially if they are beautiful likes to take some pics and as it seems these pics are home made not professional so its its tooooo meaaaann to have them published . so stop blaming her and she is gorgeous and she is the miss . best of luk rosarita …

    Comment by ata' | July 18, 2008

  13. it doesn’t seem a scandale…she is posing and she’s not that naked…come on. they were scandals worst then her case. miss lebanon..go for miss world…we love you

    Comment by richy | July 18, 2008

  14. listen all u jealous people out there just keep ur noses to urself and stop finding pleasure in other peoples issues.

    leave the poor girl alone and start worrying about ur own scandals. u never know maybe when u were at it one day, your sleezy boyfriend filmed u! maybe ur already on the web and u just don’t know it yet!
    so haifa, serena, and rita [ edited ] u might be the next victims!

    Comment by tarek | July 18, 2008

  15. tarek, maybe your girlfriend and rosarita are the types of girls who like letting ppl take trashy photos and videos of them, but i and most other girls (who have decency and self respect) do not put ourselves in those compromising positions. so we have nothing to worry about :)!

    and in my experience its always the ugly or unconfident girls who post photos like this of themselves because they feel like they can’t compete with other girls with their clothes on!!!!!

    and also, this is her fault but also the fault of whoever released the photos, what an asshole he must be!

    Comment by haifa | July 19, 2008

  16. Wake up loosers and stop giving cheap and retarded comments about this lady. She is so beautiful and u lebanese should be proud of having such beauty. All the best to our new queen…

    Comment by jad | July 19, 2008

  17. First of all, those are private pictures, and whether they’re rosarita’s photos or not, they’re not supposed to be published.
    and Haifa stop ur bullshit. u dont even know the girl to judge her. as for ur comment, i dont really see how an “ugly or unconfident” girl can make it to be miss lebanon! so get over it!

    Plus, those are not NUDE pics!!!
    walaw! 7sebo 7alkon 3al ba7er!

    so b4 talkin, at least try to be objective and not so jealous of this girl!

    Comment by Marwan | July 19, 2008

  18. guys stop it ok? its not funny at all.. the poor rosi has a sexy body and is free to show it.there is nothing in the pictres other thn her room is pretty messed up. i dono guys but plz guys stop it guys. thank u. go rosi. take new pics. much hoter.

    Comment by Minerva | July 20, 2008

  19. 3anjad chou hal bitch
    saro l miss lebanon bitches 3alanan
    ya 3ayb l choum
    tfou 3layoun w 3laya
    lezim ya3emlo fia metel ma 3emlo bi nicole Ballan
    w ye7ermouwa mnel crown
    ma na2esna chramit

    Comment by maria | July 21, 2008

  20. woow woow take it easy maria!!

    Comment by Marwan | July 21, 2008

  21. LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is her private life>>she is a beautiful lady!!Support her to represent LIBNAN> and be proud of her . Iam palestinian born in lebanon >>IAM PROUD OF HER !!! So u do the same.

    Comment by HAIFA D SHARIF | July 23, 2008

  22. la2 ya maria … iza inteh bich3a.. ma tihkeh 3an banet el 3alam hek… illa ma tle2eh hada ylimik …

    Comment by Chadi | July 23, 2008

  23. Maria badna nrou2 l gire ma betwasil la ma7al
    akeed shakhsiytik 7elwe inte la2ano manzar akeed ma fi
    thank god inno l picture manna required la t7ote comment!

    Comment by Maria Mercedes | July 23, 2008

  24. not guilty

    Comment by eddy | July 23, 2008

  25. “Judge not and you shall not be judged”
    I strongly believe that many Lebanese Ladies and i mean it by saying “Ladies” are naturally beautiful inside-out and do not need to promote their selves in any way…..
    I remember Jhon Paul 2 saying “Lebanon is more than a country it is a “Mission” so what mission are we bringing out to the world????.
    We are all free to do whatever we want as long as we don’t invade the believes and tradition of other people, not to forget that we are a country that is located in the middle east and speaking the arabic language and still conservative in many aspect, so what message are we giving to the neighbourhood which unfortunately consider our ladies as a piece of meat….?
    Lebanese Ladies are more than flesh….we are more of history and culture and art and prophecy… we are Jibran’s country… and Fairouz and Wadi3…the Land of the Alphabet… what are we offering the world now?….let’s wake up. If God blessed us with beauty let us use for a good cause and not to cause other poeple to fall.

    Comment by Michael | July 24, 2008

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