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The War on Gaza

MIDEAST ISRAEL PALESTINIANS Since I’m not having time to update the blog, you can check the updates about the war on Gaza from LebSpy‘s forum.

You can check their poltical section for updated threads about different subjects related to Gaza or you can also check their update thread about the war which gets updated by members taking the news from different websites on the Internet.

You can also write your comments about the war in here.

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Internet War in Lebanon (Part 2)

I wrote in the first part Internet War in Lebanon about previous attacks on Lebanese websites.

After the beginning of the Doha dialogue, Lebanese Forces wrote that their site is getting attacked and I wasn’t able to access it for a day.

Today, LebSpy came back online after being down for few days because of the attacks. Here is the message of the LebSpy administrator:

“Hello to all LebSpy Members and Visitors…

After the brutal attacks on 14 March websites, LebSpy got its share.

The attacks that were applied on LebSpy were done by a large team of hackers , who used several types of attacks including:

DDOS Attack
SYNC Attack
Shells & Worms
SQL Injections

Some of these attacks were coming from Iranian Servers and a hacked server located in Utah.

Anyways, they failed in bringing us down. They even weren’t able to delete any databases. And even if they deleted, we have full daily updated backups.

Note: We moved to a bigger server and installed new security programs.

And by the way, we are going to strike back soon 🙂

Long Live LebSpy :http://www.lebspy.com

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Internet War in Lebanon

As if the fights on the streets were not enough, we also witnessed fights in the Internet world. Message boards turned into battlefields and news website turned into propaganda machine attacking the opposite side. These didn’t seem to be enough; it was time for hacking.

From the time I started following Lebanese politics from sites on the Internet, I saw attacks on certain sites. For example, Free Patriotic Movement’s official site (tayyar.org) was attacked more than once. A notable attack that placed the site offline was on January 23, 2007 which was the day in which the opposition protested all over Lebanon.

Lately and before days from the Labor Union’s protest, a pro-loyalist site called LebSpy and an independent news source (leaning towards the opposition) called elnashra were hacked. The first one got a message having General Aoun’s and Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s pictures while the second site was filled with Saad Hariri pictures.

During the fights, LebSpy kept on being hacked on a daily basis while elnashra’s was not being attacked. Few days ago Lebanese Forces official website wrote about being attacked and they switched to a simpler page to avoid similar attacks. On the other hand, Al-Diyar’s website got hacked and the hacker placed humiliating pictures of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.

When will such attacks stop? When will Lebanese think about helping each other to create a better community on the Internet?

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